Self-Selected Reading Station


Meaning-Focused Activities

  • Reading independent-level texts
  • Writing a response to a book
  • Recording the names of a book read in an individual reading log
  • Reading books from the school library that are on an independent level

Code-Focused Activities

  • Keeping a list of words and word parts that students have learned in a journal
  • Searching for newly-introduced words in texts of books
  • Rewriting sentences to include spelling words

Individualizing at the Self-Selected Reading

  1. Self-selected reading might be the easiest station to individualize. During this time, allow students to read books that are at their independent reading level.
  2. Assign groups at the self-selected reading station different activities to do as they read.
  3. Use colored baskets that match the color you assign to each group in order for students to identify where to find their assignment.