Outcome Savings Estimator

Documented Outcomes = Impressive Savings

        Because of Learning Ovations’ dedication to implementing this literacy focused, professional development and technology solution with rigor and fidelity to the extensive underlying research, Learning Ovations can predict performance to outcomes for our district customers. We can produce a substantial return on investment for districts by achieving significant improvement in reading outcomes! The sources of these savings include:

  • Avoiding unfunded retention or remediation mandates, which are both costly and marginally effective
  • Reducing referrals to Special Education by 50%. Decades of research show that preventing or mitigating the sequelae of reading and language disabilities (RLD) is more effective and significantly less costly than remediation.
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of present district investments:

o   Provide teachers the tools to effectively individualize while using the resources they already have on hand

o   Efficient data warehousing

o   Reduce teacher turnover

o   Powerful report generation functionality that can measure students’ success and alert teachers when a student falls behind

o   Using graphs & other tools to engage parents and other child care professionals

Superintendents have estimated the potential savings generated after three years of implementing the A2i/ISI system as paying for itself in less than one year. This table summarizes the possible sources of savings for a sample district (Chapel Hill -Carrboro Schools, North Carolina) with 5,000 students kindergarten to third grade:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.03.02 PM      Based on the above, Learning Ovations has developed a tool, the Outcome Savings Estimator, which is intended to encourage Superintendents, District CFO’s and CIO’s, as well as School Boards to calculate their own payback or return on investment. In the example below, it costs a school $25,000 per year to adopt the LOI system. In order to achieve results similar to what we have been able to document in the seven randomized control trials, the district should begin using LOI in kindergarten and continue through third grade. So their investment is $100,000 over 4 years. During that same four-year period, if they did not use the LOI system, they would spend $600,000 in remedial education (as detailed above). Using LOI, because the number of children needing the whole gamut of remedial expenditures drops greatly, the district saves over $200,000 in those costs alone! That’s double the amount needed to fund the LOI systemic solution. Of course the savings continue: in our example, at least $87,000 in each of the following years. But beyond large financial savings, desired outcomes are achieved! All students are reading at grade level or above by third grade!Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.36.21 PM

Note: Savings shown above do not include Admin Efficiency or Teacher Turnover savings