Listening Station


Meaning-Focused Activities

  • Reading books on tape
  • Writing book reports based on books
  • Answering comprehension and vocabulary questions based on listened stories
  • Retelling stories through illustrations
  • Using Venn diagrams of characters in stories
  • Creating outlines of story
  • Listening to stories read and recorded by other students
  • Illustrating and/or defining words




Code-Focused Activities

  • Writing lists of spelling words found in stories
  • Searching for word onsets, rimes, found in stories
  • Making lists of parts of speech




Individualizing the Listening Station

  1. Use colors to identify students in each station group. With corresponding colors, place different books in each basket for students to listen to.
  2. If the basal stories are being used, assign each group different questions to answer or assignments to complete. Place a clipboard in each basket with the activity attached.
  3. For station groups that are not homogeneously grouped (all students on the same level), use personal headsets and tape players so the students can listen to different stories at the same station.