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Teachers have a difficult road to walk in the American education system. They are often revered as heroes, changing lives on a shoestring budget, using their own money, devoting much of their spare time unpaid and fighting for the success of our nation’s children. Then in the next instant they are the scapegoats, at fault for the dismal state of education and to blame for anything less than perfection. Every year when the test results come in the chorus cries out for better teachers and more stringent rules and regulations to further place pressure on teachers. This is on top of the pressure that teachers have already placed upon themselves by the very nature of their decision to become a part of such a difficult profession. As one teacher wrote, “The greatest challenge is getting to know each learner as an individual and identifying their unique needs and preferred learning modalities. Many teachers feel overwhelmed and just don’t have the time to do this. That causes many to teach to the middle and pray for the best.”



Through our research at Learning Ovations, we have found that much like an orchestra creating a beautiful symphony, there are many components necessary to create an effective learning environment. By using our understanding of the four types of learning in the classroom, along with our data-management software, individualization algorithms that can determine the type and timing of each child’s learning requirements and indexed curriculum so that teachers can continue using what they’re already familiar with, we can give teachers the power of a masterful orchestra conductor. These teachers don’t just bring their classroom up to grade level, but on average improve reading results to fifth-grade levels for their students leaving the third grade. Learning Ovations has proven successful across economic, ethnic and family demographics. There are three cornerstone elements in the Learning Ovations system:

ONE: Teachers are given tools, resources and support to structure and manage their classroom into small dynamic groups, based on a child’s specific needs, derived from assessments and progress monitoring. The system then provides the ability to update each group as students improve. During this process we help teachers structure their classroom into small groups based on the correct instruction type, while being sensitive to children’s emotional needs of not feeling excluded or unaccomplished.

This training alone has been proven to increase basic reading rates from 66% up to 78%.

TWO: Using Learning Ovation’s A2i (Assessment to instruction) software platform we give teachers tools to link current literacy assessment results with the correct amount and type of instruction each child needs to either catch up or excel. Using our software to pinpoint the correct instruction level and dynamic grouping, based on big data algorithms, we create the ability for one teacher to orchestrate the individualization of 25 to 30 students.

This software’s big data algorithms and small group approach pushes reading rates from 78% to 94%

THREE: Supply teachers with a curriculum, or index the curriculum currently required by the district, showing the correct type and timing of each lesson or activity, individualized for each child’s needs to enhance outcomes. This allows teachers to use the material they are already familiar with and gives them the ability to prioritize the school and district’s designated core curricula and chosen scope and sequence.

Assuring Common Core compliance and ensuring simple integration.

Learning Ovation’s A2i technology platform is designed to be implemented on a school or district level; however, millions of students need the benefits of this technology and research now. To address this need, Learning Ovations is creating the innOvations Teacher App. Our app gives teachers the professional development, tools and resources they need to properly manage their classroom based on their individual student’s literacy skills, then the knowledge of how to assign the correct type and duration of instructional activity for each group.

Learn about Learning Ovations’ Kickstarter campaign to build an app that can bring this research and technology to teachers by the 2014-2015 school year.

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