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What we’re working towards

Through the extensive research of Dr. Carol Connor, we have compared the US results from NAEP 2013 with classrooms which used Learning Ovations’ A2i (Assessment to instruction) software and system for three consecutive years.  Below basic reading fell from 66% to 6% and proficient and advanced reading increased from 34% to 75%.  The A2i technology has powerful benefits for all students. This software and accompanying algorithms allowing individualization are being rolled out to select school districts across the country. Unfortunately, making wide scale changes at a district level is a long and arduous process. Yet every year that passes without this information and technology in classrooms puts more students at risk of falling through the cracks. We have decided to utilize mobile technology as a tool for teachers to begin using our research and methodology as early as October of the 2014-2015 school year. The app we’re developing will give teachers access to all key aspects and essential components of the A2i research allowing teachers to individualize instruction for their students. However, building the limited version of this app will be $10K, phase two will be $21K and phase three an additional $23.5K. To cover these costs we’re turning to crowdfunding; the concept of utilizing the power of the crowd, or many people giving a small donations, that adds up to cover the cost of a big project.


What Happens If a Student Doesn’t Learn at the Right Pace?

Research has shown that individualized instruction is four times more effective than whole class instruction. With whole class instruction, children who learn at a slower pace can quickly fall behind. If they don’t learn to read by the end of 3rd grade they will likely fall even further behind in the fourth grade when their instruction shifts to reading in order to learn. These struggling children are 23% more likely to drop out of high school, and among those students the incarceration rate is 63% higher than the rate for college graduates. On the flip side, children who are advanced readers often struggle with their education as well. If not challenged in the classroom, a child will become bored and find other ways to entertain themselves. This can lead to acting out, apathetic behavior and a general feeling of dissatisfaction with their education.


What is a Crowdfunding Campaign?

Crowdfunding is an estimated $5.1 billion industry that gives creators the ability to showcase their project and build support from their community and the greater crowd in an effort to raise funding. When a large group of people come together and all invest a small to medium amounts of money, a major change can happen in a community.


How Does a Crowdfunding Campaign Work?

A crowdfunding campaign starts from a small group of friends and supporters and grows organically into the greater community. One of the most critical points in a campaign is how well it does during the launch. If a campaign reaches 20% of its funding goal there’s an 81% chance it will be successfully funded. If a campaign reaches 60% of its goal there is a 98% chance it will be fully funded. The danger however lies in the campaign being underfunded. Our chosen platform, Kickstarter, has an all or nothing policy, meaning if we raise less than our goal, no funding is received.


When does the campaign launch and end?

The campaign will launch in mid-June and will run for 30 days, ending in mid-July. Building up to our launch date with strong commitments from our supporters is vital, then using the community that grows over those 30 days to finish even stronger is critical to the success of the campaign.


What are the rewards for donating?

Pledge $2 or more – We’ll add you to our update list so you can stay informed with the latest research and progress

Pledge $15 or more – Play with your kids or go back to being a kid with our LIO Bottle o’ Bubbles!

Pledge $25 or more – Buy the app for yourself or a teacher you know

Pledge $100 or more – Adopt a classroom: Grant a classroom the app then receive ongoing updates on the students’ progress

Pledge $250 or more – Adopt three classrooms: Grant three classrooms the app, then receive ongoing updates on the students’ progress

Pledge $1,000 or more – Adopt a Grade: Support an entire grade at a school by gifting all of the teachers the app and then receiving reports and updates on the progress being made

Pledge $2,500 or more – Support a School: Give an entire school the app (grades K-3rd) and receive updates on the reading progress made by the students.


What are the Tricks to a Successful Campaign?

For a crowdfunding campaign to be successful the community that comes together to support it is the most important factor in the success or failure of the campaign. There are three levels of support an individual can commit to, they are:


  • Commit to pledge in mid-June (donations are not withdrawn until the campaign closes in mid-July, pending the campaign’s success)
  • Adopt three classrooms, a grade or an entire school’s K-3rd grade
  • Commit to share your list of contacts
  • Call any businesses, organizations or groups you’re connected with who may also be interested in getting involved
  • Share updates and campaign progress with your social media contacts


  • Commit to donating within the first week of the campaign in mid-June
  • Gift the app to a teacher, adopt a classroom or adopt three classrooms
  • Reach out to your community contacts and ask for them to support the campaign financially or through their networks
  • Share updates and campaign progress with your social media contacts


  • If possible, donate between $2 and $15 dollars between mid-June and the close of the campaign in mid-July. Even $2 helps because it increases the number of supporters and therefore the campaign visibility
  • Share updates and campaign progress with your social media contacts


  • Subscribe to our list and stay informed about the progress of our campaign


How will the money get spent?

Campaign Minimum – $10,000 This will create a non-native app that can be pushed across the IOS and Android platforms. This app will give teachers a clear understanding of how to individualize their instruction based on the latest research and proven techniques. It will provide resources and information to better assist with classroom set-up, management and learning styles.

Stretch Goal #1 – $21,000 This will enhance the native iPhone, iPad and Android platforms ensuring a more seamless experience for teachers. In addition to the features listed above we will be able to include the ability for teachers to input student’s test scores and review the aggregated aptitude of their students and score improvements over time. Teachers can then share these aggregated results with colleagues and parents.

Stretch Goal #2 – $43,500 Allows us to create a much more robust app giving teachers the ability to input students test scores and view extensive graphs and information based on our research to help teachers individualizing instruction. The app will help teachers dynamically group students based on their needs and adjust those groups over time. Teachers will also have access to a library of Common Core lesson plans that are indexed according to the four types of learning to accompany each child’s learning requirements.


What happens if the goal isn’t met?

According to Kickstarter’s rules, if we don’t raise at least our campaign minimum request of $10,000, none of the pledges will be honored and we will not be able to create this app for teachers by October of the 2014/2015 school year.


What happens if the goal is exceeded?

Everything raised in excess of $10,000 is set aside to cover the cost of our stretch goals allowing for a more robust app that can enhance teacher’s and student’s experiences.


Why Should I Bother?

Undereducated students have a lasting impact on families, companies and the economy as a whole. Whether or not a child can read at the end of third grade is a critical factor. Children who enter 4th grade and are proficient at reading only have a 9% chance of dropping out of high school. Conversely, the dropout rate for students who are below basic reading levels in the 4th grade increases to 23%. Dropouts are 63% more likely to go be incarcerated (Annie E. Casey Foundation) and 75% of all crimes are committed by high school dropouts (Education Week). Undereducated students who do graduate often grapple with long-term unemployment/under-employment and can be viewed as unemployable. McKinsey and Co. has shown that the education gap between workers’ potential had they been better educated and where they are today is a $2.3 trillion per annum economic loss- equivalent to an ongoing Great Recession. With Learning Ovations’ technology, we have proven that we can teach every child to read by the end of 3rd grade, turning this crisis into an economic and societal opportunity on a massive scale. By joining our cause and supporting this Kickstarter campaign you get to be at the forefront of this change.


What can I do to support the campaign?

Get the word out. The more people who know about this and support us the more of a chance we have to be successful. Share it on your social media, forward our info to your email contacts, talk to businesses, organizations and groups that you’re connected with and if you have any media or blogger connections, please consider sending our information out to them. And of course, donate!


Our Research Philosophy

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