Executive Summary


Our Mission


At Learning Ovations. Inc. our mission is to bring to schools evidence-based and rigorously tested interventions and instructional practices that are designed to significantly improve students’ achievement.


Our Work

Our patented product, A2i, is a unique technology platform and professional development regime designed to improve educators’ ability to provide more effective individualized literacy instruction from kindergarten through third grade. A2i achieves this by linking language and literacy assessment results to recommendations for specific amounts and types of reading instruction thru evidence-based algorithms.


Our History

Dr. Carol Connor, recently recruited to Arizona State University, envisioned and led all phases of research validating A2i’s significant efficacy as an innovative way to improve teachers’ implementation of effective differentiated reading instruction from kindergarten (K) through 3rd grade.  This is borne out in seven randomized control field trials, with more than 2,000 students in over 100 classrooms, funded by NIH and the US Department of Education with a total of $10 million in investments over six years.  This rigor not only provides strong technical validity but also represents significant barriers to entry.  The results are described in 23 peer review journal articles and featured in Science magazine. From K through 3rd grade, students in the A2i classrooms showed significantly greater reading gains compared to students in control classrooms.  Additionally, effects accumulated from 1st through 3rd grade: 94% of children in A2i classrooms all three years were reading at or above grade level compared to the national average of 66% (58% in Arizona) of 4th graders reading at basic or above levels according to the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).  Thus, in Arizona, for example, a fully deployed A2i would represent a 62% improvement over current state performance.

Of further significance, with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) occupations pegged to grow by 17% between 2008 to 2018 (nearly twice the rate of other non-STEM jobs), our research shows significant benefit here, as well.  Scientific American (September 2013) reports that 60% of students lose interest in science and mathematics in elementary school, with a precipitous drop in 5th Grade – right when, for nearly an equivalent number, their inability to read becomes manifest!


Your Outcomes

At, Learning Ovations, we improve the outcomes of ALL children. Struggling readers, and students living in poverty, improve to grade level or above, but perhaps even more profoundly, our classrooms show dramatic improvement in children reading at proficiency levels or above: 75% in Learning Ovations classrooms versus only 32% nationally.  In other words, we increase the potential pool of STEM achievers by significantly more than double the national average. And these A2i classrooms had, on average, 50% of their students receiving free or reduced lunch, a marker for poverty.

The historical failure to achieve the literacy results being targeted by A2i is associated with increased referral to special education, grade retention, increased high school dropout rates (a child without adequate reading attainment by the end of 3rd Grade is seven times more likely to drop out of High School), and juvenile delinquency. Each of these suboptimal results carries their own attendant costs of failure. As part of A2i’s innovative marketing plan, we collect base-line data from customer school districts on costs of remediation and track how they are affected as outcomes improve. Since A2i can deliver significantly higher student outcomes, we are able to reduce the cost of intervention and remediation as well as improve a community’s overall economic strength.  We have letters of interest from 20+ school districts, as well as, many of their community partners. We’ve had enough interest, for example, from local United Ways and Community Foundations, which see these outcomes as mission critical, to envision a foundation role in supporting a funding pool, matched locally, to help districts implement A2i.