District / School Performance Payback


“Learning Ovations will pay for itself if it assists in reducing, by just four, the number of students that require referral to Special Education.”

– District Superintendent


An over-aching design criteria for Learning Ovations has been cost containment and return on investment.  It is clear in these times of on-going pressure on School budgets, if a product, service or technology, can’t deliver transformative outcome achievement in an efficient and economical fashion, it will not be embraced by Superintendents or School Boards.


Cost Containment:


A.  Core to Learning Ovations’ approach is the support and enhancement of existing district investments in teachers, curricula and technology.  We have been successful supporting existing teachers using existing curricula and assessments.   There is no requirement to replace present investments.

B.  The data warehouse at the heart of the A2i technology delivery platform often provides all of the data management and reporting capabilities of stand-alone data warehousing offerings at a cost that in essence can give a district ALL of the outcome enabling features at “no cost.”

C.  Compliance.  Since every aspect of the Learning Ovations system is compliant with state and federal mandates — from Common Core to Evaluation to FERPA — the cost of piecemeal compliance is greatly reduced.


Performance Payback:


Since theLearning Ovations system can deliver significantly higher student outcomes, we are able to reduce the cost of intervention and remediation.  Using just one variable – “special education spending” as an example, Learning Ovation classrooms have reduced the number of special education referrals from a pre-LOI average of upwards of 20% to post-LOI of 5% or less. 


One sample district, Erie PA, has a Special Education budget of $23 million annually.  Instead of claiming 75% reduction, if we just claim 10%, that would equal more than $2 million for just one county’s schools. As this is extrapolated through other costs of failing to achieve these reading outcomes – interventions, remediations, grade retentions, etc. – A2i is capable of saving individual districts millions of dollars per year.  Potential return on investment increase when measures of reduced cost of remediation and lower retention rates are achieved.


These positive impacts are a function of three practical benefits of of the Learning Ovations system:


A.  Enhanced classroom teachers’ Tier One skills;

B.  Eliminating RTI cut-offs, and avoiding wait-to-fail by

C.  Providing individualized intervention for all students in the general education classroom setting – in essence all children receive RTI.