Data Warehouse

This schematic from the Learning Ovations Patent # 8,506,304 demonstrates that central to the A2i technology delivery platform is a data warehouse.  This central repository of data is created by integrating data from one or more disparate sources.


Data warehouses store current as well as historical data.  And, in addition to driving the algorithms used by A2i to make individualized recommendations for amounts and types of instruction, our data warehouse capabilities are used to provide all mandated reports for local, state and federal level compliance.  

Through usability trials with districts, Learning Ovations has designed its data warehousing capability to create trending reports for district / school leadership, teacher and literacy coaches; management reporting such as annual and quarterly comparisons; and real time dashboard information for immediate action.


Many districts have found significant potential cost savings through the adoption of the Learning Ovations system.  The cost of the Learning Ovations system, with all of its proven outcomes, can be at or less than their present data warehouse investments, which provide little support of “learning analytics.”