Classroom Library Station


Meaning-Focused Activities

  • Reading information from an “author study poster” created by the class
  • Using a “How to Choose a Book” chart to choose books
  • Reading familiar books
  • Looking at pictures in a book and telling the story
  • Sharing favorite parts of books with a partner
  • Reading books and magazines to stuffed animals
  • Writing a response to a book
  • Writing a book review of a classroom library book
  • Writing a note to a friend about a classroom library book
  • Writing personal connections or questions on sticky notes as a studentreads a classroom library book
  • Recording the name of a book read at the classroom library in an individual reading log



Code-Focused Activities

  • Making a chart of all the “ing” words found in the books everyone read at the Self-Selected Station for the day
  • Have students pick a word that was difficult for them from the book. Using sentence strip paper, have the student write the word (or maybe a few) then ask them to reassemble the word. Students can make words for each other and trade words.





Individualizing at the Classroom Library Station

  1. Colored baskets can be used to assign students which books to choose from while reading
  2. In the baskets, place a clipboard that follow the reading to individualize the activities