B. All Children – Struggling and Able – Soar!



Comparing the Learning Ovations classrooms in the randomized control studies discussed in the Cumulative Results section with standard classrooms across the country, we see a profound impact for ALL CHILDREN!


Not only are struggling readers benefitted, but if you look at the “proficient” and “advanced” categories of the NAEP 2013 (known as our national report card), there is even greater movement in this area.  Whereas 34% of US students are seen as performing above basic, this number shifts to a more than doubling to 75% in Learning Ovations classrooms.  (For more discussion of this see the “Parents”).


Scientific American (September 2013) reports that 60% of students lose interest in science and mathematics in elementary school, with a precipitous drop in 5th Grade – right when, for nearly an equivalent number, their inability to read becomes manifest!  Learning Ovations has its hand squarely on driving that gear of change — we improve the outcomes of ALL children.  With STEM occupations pegged to grow by 17% between 2008 to 2018 (nearly twice the rate of other non-STEM jobs), Learning Ovations can help leverage the potential pool of STEM achievers by significantly more than double the national average.