A. Cumulative Results – Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade


Learning Ovations’ technology delivery platform, A2i, is designed to make the links between assessment and literacy instruction more salient and thereby help teachers use a variety of reading and vocabulary assessments, including newly developed online assessments, to identify specific instructional literacy activities that are individualized to students’ learning needs.



Research Funded By the National Institutes Health (NICHD)

 and the US Department of Education (IES) 


A2i was originally developed (with funding from IES and NICHD) as a research tool to compute recommended amounts and types of instruction, taking into account that the effect of specific types of reading instruction appears to depend on students’ language and reading skills – child characteristic X instruction (CXI) interactions. A2i has shown significant efficacy as an innovative way to support teachers’ implementation of effective differentiated reading instruction from kindergarten (K) through 3rd grade, borne out in a series of randomized control field trials described specifically in numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters. (see Literature Review).


From K through 3rd grade, students in the A2i classrooms showed significantly greater reading gains compared to students in control classrooms with effect sizes (d) ranging from .23 to .45 within grades.  Additionally, effects accumulated from 1st through 3rd grade and 94% of children in A2i classrooms 1st through 3rd grade were reading at or above grade level compared to only 78% of children in control classrooms all three years and compared to the national average of 66% of 4th graders reading at basic or above levels according to the 2013 NAEP.

SIGNIFICANTLY: The Learning Ovations system, which includes both professional development in how to individualize in the typical classroom and the the A2i technology delivery platform to both help set up classroom groupings and provide recommended activities to meet the type and amount of individualized instruction, was validated in these seven randomized control trials.  Since the “control groups” received professional development alone, and the “treatment groups” received both professional development and access to A2i, it is clear that these are both necessary components in outcome delivery!